The benefits of using Word Press as a blogging tool

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What is word press?

Word press is one of the most powerful website content management system(CMS) and blogging system in existence today.  It is 100% free and open sourced allowing businesses and the general public to manage their blogs and create the highest quality websites.

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The benefits of using word press for your business:

  1. It is easy to manage, setup and update!

For any business ease of use of a blog or website is a must, to ensure consumers and employees can all work the soft wear correctly to save time and overall save money. Word press contains an admin panel which allows multiple administrators to look at the content and to make any changes necessary. Word press is also useful as it allows you to manage content with a word processor type interface. In non-geek terms this means it is easy to change the font,add images,spell checker to avoid embarrassing mistakes and enables the function of  adding links to other websites which may be useful to users.

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     2. It is mobile friendly!

Not only does word press allow your business blog or website to look good and function on a computer it is now available on mobile apps too. The word press dashboard allows users to access their word press blogs all over the word from the use of just their mobiles phones. The tried and tested systems ensure users have access to the word-class publishing system, Word press.

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   3. Media management!

Reading thousands of words about businesses and how they function and work can become tedious. Word press allows users to upload images and media quickly and easily just by dropping the images into the media up-loader which adds it to the blog or website. The up-loader has features such as editing tools and captions which can be added to all the images to enhance the look of the pictures.

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4. Flexibility!

Word press is unique as it allows users to create: personal blogs,photo-blogs, a business website, professional portfolios and even a network of websites. This appeals to a broad range of users making it easy to pick an application suitable for each user.

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Limitations of using word press

  1. Security

Due to thousands of people using word press, this means thousands of users are viewing word press blogs and websites. This means there is a higher risk of hackers stealing information from various companies, as the security on word press is not as advanced compared to other applications.

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    2. Word press does not allow you to upload plugins

Word press prizes its self on giving users the ability to customise their blogs and websites to make each one unique. However, word press only allows users to use plugins which are available on word press it does not allow users to upload their own plugins. Word press still offers a comprehensive but still limited set of features, which does set it apart from other applications which do not offers such a comprehensive list.

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     3.  Word press does not allow you to upload themes

For many bloggers having the ability to personalise and create a blog which portrays the message the blogger wants to put across is essential. Word press only offers a very limited choice of themes for bloggers to do this and users are not able to modify or change any of the themes in any way.

Word press will allow users to pay a fee of £30 to add customised fonts to certain themes or to buy special themes but users still can not modify theme functionality or features in any way.  This is a major disadvantage of using word press as a blogging tool, is that it limit’s how unique a blog post or website can be. Which means websites cant be as unique making them less memorable to users.

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