E-Commerce websites vs. Brick and mortar shops

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As technology was advancing more shops were appearing online to meet consumers demands. However as time has gone on brick and mortar shops have become more practical for many different product types. Physical stores increase consumer awareness and can draw consumers into the shop. For products such as clothing, eyewear and jewellery having the opportunity for consumers to touch and try the products on makes them for inclined to buy the products.

Statistics show that 61% of consumers still shop in brick and mortar shops and only 31% of people shop online. Also statics show people spend more money than they originally intended to in brick and mortar shops. Whereas people were more conscious of how much they were spending online.

The benefits of an online store…

From an e-commerce business owners point of view having an online shop means less expenses. For example owners do not have to pay for expensive shop signs and they do not have to pay for clothing rails and tills ect. Instead e-commerce business have more cost effective warehouses to hold inventory. This means with more warehouses consumers can receive their products quicker. Convince is the biggest advantage of e-commerce shops.



The advantages of a brick and mortar store…

An advantage of brick and mortar shops is that consumers feel trust in retail when they know where they purchased the products from. For consumers the security of working into a shop and knowing they can speak to a human for help makes it more appealing than shopping online.

Another advantage of brick and mortar shops is that consumers can check the quality of the products. Whereas online shops consumers cannot do this and consumers often will not purchase the products based on not knowing the quality of the material the product is made out of. Brick and mortar shops can then afford to sell riskier items such as boutique items as consumers can check the quality of the products.

However it is hard to see which kind of shop produces higher sales as e-commerce and brick and mortar shops are two completely different kinds of stores. Many businesses often try both e-commerce stores and brick and mortar stores to then find out which generates the highest revenue.

Returns policies…

Brick and mortar stores often have complicated returns policies which customers are not always aware of. But e-commerce shops make returning items much easier, resulting in another reason consumers chose to shop online.  A physical store needs to figure out a way to make returns both viable and clearly stated in the store so that customers don’t use the shop as a showroom for another online shop.

This is an example of an online returns policy. The policy was easy to find and stated clearly what their returns policy was. Brick and mortar stores often fail to make it simple to consumers what the stores return policy is.

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The future…

It is now emerging in the current market that online shops and brick and mortar shops are merging together. Experts say we will never live in a world without brick and mortar shops so having online shops merge with brick and mortar shops makes a lot of sense. It appeals to various types of consumers helping the shopping market to grow and develop with new and innovative trends.





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