Google Power Searching – helping students search the web

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When conducting a search on the internet it is critical to think about what words are being used in the search and the way the words have been written. For many students they do not use key words and simply just type whole questions in which may result in poor search results being shown.

To help students google has given students the options on enrolling on power searching tutorials to show how to correctly search for information on the internet. The course is self paced meaning students can learn at their own pace and not feel rushed to learn the new techniques. The course offers a syllabus for example:

  • Pre-course assessment

  • Unit 1 – Introduction

  • Unit 2 – Interpreting results

  • Unit 3 – Advanced techniques

  • Mid-course assessment

  • Unit 4 – Find facts faster

  • Unit 5 – Checking your facts

  • Unit 6 – Putting it all together

  • Post-course assessment

  • Power Searching with Search Experts Video

  • Hang Out with Search Experts Video

This is an example of the structure to a google power searching tutorial: 


After three online tutorials there is a mid online test which is then followed by another three online tutorials incorporating more advanced skills and then finally another test. The google power searching tutorials allow students to join in on a forum to see how others interpret the course assignments.

In the tutorials the students will learn useful skills which they can apply when searching for any type of information. For example many students might not know that applying quotation marks around a word or set of words means the search will look for those words in particular.

Also when searching for information students want to gather as much relevant information as possible on current events, historical news and stories. To get information form other countries all the students have to do is search different country codes. For example if as student wanted to get to Google Korea all you would have to do is  search using the country code of Kr for Korea,its that simple.

The benefits of power searching

  • Save time – Every student likes to get information in the quickest time possible and power searching enables them to do this. Using only key words and techniques learned in the google power searching tutorials will enable them to do this.
  • Competitive intelligence – When moving into a work environment having the skills that can be achieved after completing a google power search course will set the candidate apart from other candidates. Employers want employees who can do the best job possible in a short space of time which is why the techniques learnt on a google power searching course can be transferred into the work place.

Overall power searching is something students may not have heard of before but it could set them apart from other students. Having the skills to narrow down searches will ensure they gather the most relevant information. Following this, having the google power searching tutorials at their finger tips means they can learn key skills at their own pace and gain a qualification at the end of the process.







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